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Titanic's Passengers

 "There were no more boats, water was swirling around the upper deck, people were beginning to panic.....and the band continued to play."         

     Helen Churchill Candee, Titanic survivor

The composition of Titanic's passengers

Waiting to board Titanic

The passengers aboard Titanic represented a perfect microcosm of early 20th century life. It was the end of the Edwardian era, and transforming into the Progressive Era. Industrialism and the monopolies were in full swing. Captains of industry such as Nathan Rothschild, JP Morgan, RJ Reynolds, Andrew Carnegie, Milton Hersey, Henry Ford, and John D. Rockefeller were well seated on their thrones. This time frame of rapid economic growth was referred to as the Gilded Age.

More women were becoming academically educated and the suffrage moment was making impressive progress. Just 4 months prior to Titanic's sailing, Madame Currie had won her 2nd Nobel Prize and Congress passing the women's right to vote in America was only 5 years away. Various labor unions were quickly becoming established and striking for better wages, improved working conditions, and child labor laws were becoming more frequent.

However, 1912 society still had it's distinctive lines drawn when came to the economic classes. There was the wealthy upper class and upper middle class that consisted of recent inventors, founders of new corporations thriving in the industrial revolution, as well as inherited "old money." The middle class, which was expanding by leaps and bounds included skilled laborers, small business owners, and educators. The lower class comprised the poverty stricken and unskilled workers. Many of these people were illiterate and worked as rural farmers, as factory workers in the cities, or worked in the mills and mines.




Second class passengers boarding

Though immigration had been occurring for many years prior to Titanic, it was booming in the early 1900's and different types of cultures were now seeking a better life in another country.  In 1912 the "New Immigration" wave was taking place. These groups were much poorer peasant and rural folk from southern and eastern Europe, that included mostly Italians, Poles and Jews. Some of the men, especially the Italians and Greeks, had plans of becoming temporary migrants who would return to their home villages with a nest egg of cash earned from long hours of unskilled labor. Others, especially the Jews, had been driven out of Eastern Europe due to anti-Semitism and had no intentions of returning. The draw to America was the inexpensive farmland, factory job availability, and lack of persecution.







Charlotte and daughter Marjorie (Madge) Collier in the US

Second class passenger Charlotte Collier lost her husband on Titanic. She had tuberculosis and she and her husband and daughter we're moving from England to Idaho to start a fruit farm thinking the climate might be best for her. Her story was published in the US in several newspapers and magazines and fortunately from money raised through several relief funds, she and her daughter were able to pursue their goal. The work however, got to be too much for Charlotte and she decided to return to England. She died in 1914 from tuberculosis leaving her daughter, Marjorie, (called Madge) without any parents. Madge went to live with her uncle.

Charlotte and Madge were most likely in boat 14, although Charlotte told the Chicago Tribune that they were in boat 6. Madge later described her boat meeting other boats and transferring passengers among the boats so one could go back and retrieve swimmers in the water which definitely sounds like boat 14 and the actions of 5th officer Harold Lowe. It's known that Lowe had a pistol and had earlier fired warning shots at men threatening to jump into his boat as it was lowering, but Marjorie recalled something interesting. She said “There was one officer in our boat who had a pistol. Some men jumped into our boat on top of the women and crushed them and the officer said that if they didn’t stop he would shoot. Another man jumped and he shot him. My mother says I called out: ‘Don’t shoot!’

This raises the question of whether or not Lowe did shoot someone that night which was never brought up in the 2 inquiries.



The Passenger List

It's important to note that there is no original 100% accurate list of Titanic's passenger's. Over the year's researchers have corrected and re-composed a more accurate passenger and crew list such as the work of  Phillip Hind and his Encyclopedia Titanica site which is probably as accurate as it's going to get. The following list is from what the White Star Line recorded prior to departure from Southampton. It's known to contain inaccuracies which was even acknowledged by the White Star Line after the disaster. (a few known corrections were made by this sites administrator)

These inaccuracies are due to recording errors, last minute cancellations, last minute boarding's, transfers, no shows, and several people travelling under assumed names. Researchers have discovered that several of these false names were due to men and women travelling together that either weren't married or were married but the person they were travelling with wasn't necessarily their spouse. A few were professional card players that travelled under assumed names, and some of the errors were due to passengers disembarking/embarking in France or Ireland that weren't scheduled to do so originally. There is even speculation that a few passengers falsified their names due to being wanted by the law.  



List is in alphabetical order according to passage class and embarking location

FIRST CLASS PASSENGERS                                           
(survivors are shown in bold)

A (First Class)

Allen, Miss Elisabeth Walton
Allison, Mr. Hudson Joshua Creighton
Allison, Mrs. Hudson Joshua Creighton
(Bessie Waldo Daniels)
and Maid (Miss Sarah Daniels)
Allison, Miss Helen Loraine
Allison, Master Hudson Trevor
and Nurse (Miss Alice Mary Cleaver)

Anderson, Mr. Harry
Andrews, Miss Kornelia Theodosia
Andrews, Mr. Thomas
Appleton, Mrs. Edward Dale
(Charlotte Lamson)

Artagaveytia, Mr. Ramon
Astor, Col. John Jacob
and Manservant (Victor Robbins)
Astor, Mrs. John Jacob
(Madeleine Talmadge Force)
and Maid (Miss Rosalie Bidois)

Aubert, Mrs. N. (Leontine Pauline)
and Maid (Miss Emma Sagesser)

B (First Class)

Barkworth, Mr. Algernon H.
Baumann, Mr. John D.
Baxter, Mrs. James
(Helene DeLaudeniere Chaput)

Baxter, Mr. Quigg Edmond
Beattie, Mr. Thomson
Beckwith, Mr. Richard Leonard
Beckwith, Mrs. Richard Leonard
(Sallie Monypeny)
Behr, Mr. Karl Howell

Birnbaum, Mr. Jakob
Bishop, Mr. Dickinson H.
Bishop, Mrs. Dickinson H.
(Helen Margaret Walton)

Blackwell, Mr. Stephen Weart
Blank, Mr. Henry
Bonnell, Miss Caroline
Bonnell, Miss Elizabeth (Lily)

Borebank, Mr. John James
Bowen, Miss Grace Scott
Bowerman, Miss Elsie E.
Brady, Mr. John Bertram
Brandeis, Mr. Emil
Brayton (Bradley), Mr. George
Brown, Mrs. James Joseph
(nee Margaret Tobin, known today as "Molly" Brown)
Brown, Mrs. John Murray
(nee Caroline Lane Lamson)

Bucknell, Mrs. William Robert
(nee Emma Eliza Ward)
and Maid (Miss Albina Bazzani)

Butt, Major Archibald Willingham

C  (First Class)

Calderhead, Mr. Edward Pennington
Candee, Mrs. Edward
(nee Helen Churchill Hungerford)

Cardeza, Mrs. James Warburton Martinez
(nee Charlotte Wardle Drake)

and Maid (Miss Anna Ward)
Cardeza, Mr. Thomas Drake Martinez
and Manservant (Gustave Lesneur)
Carlsson, Mr. Frans Olof
Carrau, Mr. Francisco M.
Carrau, Mr. Jose Pedro
Carter, Mr. William Ernest
Carter, Mrs. William Ernest
(nee Lucile Polk)

and Maid (Miss Augusta Serepeca)
Carter, Miss Lucile Polk
Carter, Master William Thornton II
and Manservant (Alexander Cairns)
Case, Mr. Howard Brown
Cassebeer, Mrs. Henry Arthur Jr.
(nee Genevieve Fosdick)

Cavendish, Mr. Tyrell William
Cavendish, Mrs. Tyrell William
(nee Julia Florence Siegel)
and Maid (Miss Nellie Barber)

Chaffee, Mr. Herbert Fuller
Chaffee, Mrs. Herbert Fuller
(nee Carrie Toogood)

Chambers, Mr. Norman Campbell
Chambers, Mrs. Norman Campbell
(nee Bertha Griggs)
Cherry, Miss Gladys
Chevre, Mr. Paul Romaine
Chibnall, Mrs. Arthur
(nee Edith Martha Bowerman Barber)

Chisholm, Mr. Roderick Robert
Clark, Mr. Walter Miller
Clark, Mrs. Walter Miller
(nee Virginia McDowell)

Clifford, Mr. George Quincy
Colley, Mr. Edward Pomeroy
Compton, Mrs. Alexander Taylor
(nee Mary Eliza Ingersoll)

Compton, Miss Sara Rebecca
Compton, Mr. Alexander Taylor Jr.
Cornell, Mrs. Robert Clifford
(nee Malvina Helen Lamson)

Crafton, Mr. John Bertram
Crosby, Capt. Edward Gifford
Crosby, Mrs. Edward Gifford
(nee Catherine Elizabeth Halstead)

Crosby, Miss Harriet R.
Cumings, Mr. John Bradley
Cumings, Mrs. John Bradley
(nee Florence Briggs Thayer)

(First Class)

Daly, Mr. Peter Denis
Daniel, Mr. Robert Williams
Davidson, Mr. Thornton
Davidson, Mrs. Thornton
(nee Orian Hays)

de Villiers, Mrs. Berthe Antonine (Mayne)
Dick, Mr. Albert Adrian
Dick, Mrs. Albert Adrian
(nee Vera Gillespie)
Dodge, Dr. Washington
Dodge, Mrs. Washington
(nee Ruth Vidaver)
Dodge, Master Washington
Douglas, Mrs. Frederick Charles
(nee Mary-Helene "Suzette" Baxter)

Douglas, Mr. Walter Donald
Douglas, Mrs. Walter Donald
(nee Mahala Dutton)

and Maid (Miss Bertha LeRoy)
Dulles, Mr. William Crothers

(First Class)

Earnshaw, Mrs. Boulton
(nee Olive Potter)

Endres, Miss Caroline Louise
Eustis, Miss Elizabeth Mussey
Evans, Miss Edith Corse

(First Class)

Flegenheim, Mrs. Alfred
(nee Antoinette)
Flynn, Mr. John Irwin

Foreman, Mr. Benjamin Laventall
Fortune, Mr. Mark
Fortune, Mrs. Mark
(nee Mary McDougald)
Fortune, Miss Alice Elizabeth
Fortune, Miss Ethel Flora
Fortune, Miss Mabel

Fortune, Mr. Charles Alexander
Franklin, Mr. Thomas Parnham
Frauenthal, Dr. Henry William
Frauenthal, Mrs. Henry William
(nee Clara Heinsheimer)
Frauenthal, Mr. Isaac Gerald
Frolicher, Miss Hedwig Marguerite
Frolicher-Stehli, Mr. Maxmillian Josef
Frolicher-Stehli, Mrs. Maxmillian Josef
(nee Margrit Emerentia Stehli)

Futrelle, Mr. Jacques
Futrelle, Mrs. Jacques
(nee May Peel)

(First Class)

Gee, Mr. Arthur H.
Gibson, Miss Dorothy
Gibson, Mrs. Leonard

(nee Pauline C. Boeson)
Goldenberg, Mr. Samuel L.
Goldenberg, Mrs. Samuel L.
(nee Edwiga "Ella" Grabokska)

Goldschmidt, Mr. George B.
Gordon, Sir Cosmo Duff
Gordon, Lady Lucile Duff
and Maid (Miss Laura Mabel Francatelli)
Gracie, Colonel Archibald IV

Graham, Mr. George Edward
Graham, Mrs. William Thompson
(nee Edith Junkins)
Graham, Miss Margaret
Greenfield, Mrs. Leo David
(nee Blanche Strouse)
Greenfield, Mr. William Bertram

Guggenheim, Mr. Benjamin
and Manservant (Victor Giglio)

(First Class)

Harder, Mr. George Achilles
Harder, Mrs. George Achilles
(nee Dorothy Annan)
Harper, Mr. Henry Sleeper
and Manservant (Hamad Hassab)
Harper, Mrs. Henry Sleeper
(nee Myra Haxtun)

Harris, Mr. Henry Birkhardt
Harris, Mrs. Henry Birkhardt
(nee Irene "Renée" Wallach)

Harrison, Mr. William Henry
Haven (Homer), Mr. Harry
Hawksford, Mr. Walter James

Hays, Mr. Charles Melville
Hays, Mrs. Charles Melville
(nee Clara Jennings Gregg)

and Maid (Miss Anne Perreault)
Hays, Miss Margaret Bechstein
Head, Mr. Christopher
Hilliard, Mr. Herbert Henry
Hipkins, Mr. William Edward
Hippach, Mrs. Louis Albert
(nee Ida Sophia Fischer)
Hippach, Miss Jean Gertrude
Hogeboom, Mrs. John C.
(nee Anna Andrews)

Holverson, Mr. Alexander Oskar
Holverson, Mrs. Alexander Oskar
(nee Mary Aline Towner)

Hoyt, Mr. Frederick Maxfield
Hoyt, Mrs. Frederick Maxfield
(nee Jane Ann Forby)

Hoyt, Mr. William Fisher

(First Class)

Isham, Miss Ann Eliza
Ismay, Mr. Joseph Bruce
and Manservant (John Richard Fry)

(First Class)

Jones, Mr. Charles Cresson
Julian, Mr. Henry Forbes

(First Class)

Kent, Mr. Edward Austin
Kenyon, Mr. Frederick R.
Kenyon, Mrs. Frederick R.
(nee Marion Stauffer)
Kimball, Mr. Edwin Nelson Jr.
Kimball, Mrs. Edwin Nelson Jr.
(nee Gertrude Parsons)

Klaber, Mr. Herman

(First Class)

Leader, Dr. Alice Farnham
Lewy, Mr. Erwin G.
Lindeberg-Lind, Mr. Erik Gustaf
(booked as Lingrey, Mr. Edward)
Lindstrom, Mrs. Carl Johan
(nee Sigrid Posse)
Lines, Mrs. Ernest H.
(nee Elizabeth Lindsey James)
Lines, Miss Mary Conover

Long, Mr. Milton Clyde
Longley, Miss Gretchen Fiske
Loring, Mr. Joseph Holland

(First Class)

Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra
Maguire, Mr. John Edward
Maréchal, Mr. Pierre
Marvin, Mr. Daniel Warner
Marvin, Mrs. Daniel Warner
(nee Mary Graham Farquharson)

McCaffry, Mr. Thomas Francis
McCarthy, Mr. Timothy J.
McGough, Mr. James R.
Meyer, Mr. Edgar Joseph
Meyer, Mrs. Edgar Joseph
(nee Leila Saks)

Millet, Mr. Francis Davis
Minahan, Dr. William Edward
Minahan, Mrs. William Edward
(nee Lillian E. Thorpe)
Minahan, Miss Daisy E.
Mock, Mr. Philip E.

Molson, Mr. Harry Markland
Moore, Mr. Clarence Bloomfield
and Manservant (Charles H. Harrington)

(First Class)

Natsch, Mr. Charles H.
Newell, Mr. Arthur Webster
Newell, Miss Madeleine
Newell, Miss Marjorie

Newsom, Miss Helen Monypeny
Nicholson, Mr. Arthur Ernest

(First Class)

Omont, Mr. A. Ferdinand
Ostby, Mr. Engelhart Cornelius
Ostby, Miss Helen Raghnild
Ovies y Rodriguez, Mr. Servando

(First Class)

Parr, Mr. William Henry Marsh
Partner, Mr. Austin
Payne, Mr. Vivian Arthur Ponsonby
Pears, Mr. Thomas
Pears, Mrs. Thomas
(nee Edith Wearne)

Penasco, Mr. Victor de Satode
Penasco, Mrs. Victor de Satode
(nee Josefa Perez deSoto)

and Maid (Miss Fermina Oliva y Ocana)
Peuchen, Major Arthur Godfrey
Porter, Mr. Walter Chamberlain
Potter, Mrs. Thomas, Jr.
(nee Lily Alexenia Wilson)

(First Class)

Reuchlin, Jonkheer John George
Rheims, Mr. George Lucien
Robert, Mrs. Edward Scott
(nee Elisabeth Walton McMillan)
and Maid (Miss Emilie Kreuchen)

Roebling, Mr. Washington Augustus II
Romaine, Mr. Charles Hallis
Rood, Mr. Hugh R.
Rosenbaum (Russell), Miss Edith Louise
Ross, Mr. John Hugo
Rosenshine, Mr. George
(booked as Thorne, Mr. G.)
Rothes, the Countess of
(Noel Lucy Martha-Dyer-Edwards)
and Maid (Miss Ruberta Maioni)

Rothschild, Mr. Martin
Rothschild, Mrs. Martin
(nee Elizabeth L. Barrett)

Rowe, Mr. Alfred
Ryerson, Mr. Arthur Larned
Ryerson, Mrs. Arthur Larned
(nee Emily Maria Borie)
and Maid (Miss Victorine Chandanson)

Ryerson, Miss Emily Borie
Ryerson, Master John (Jack) Borie
Ryerson, Miss Susette Parker

(First Class)

Saalfeld, Mr. Adolph
Salomon, Mr. Abraham L.
Schabert, Mrs. Paul
(nee Emma Mock)
Seward, Mr. Frederic Kimber
Shutes, Miss Elizabeth W.
Silverthorne, Mr. Spencer Victor

Silvey, Mr. William Baird
Silvey, Mrs. William Baird
(nee Alice Munger)

Simonius-Blumer, Col. Alfons
Sloper, Mr. William Thomson

Smart, Mr. John Montgomery
Smith, Mr. James Clinch
Smith, Mr. Lucian Philip
Smith, Mrs. Lucian Philip
(nee Mary Eloise Hughes)

Smith, Mr. Richard William
Snyder, Mr. John Pillsbury
Snyder, Mrs. John Pillsbury
(nee Nelle Stevenson)
Spedden, Mr. Frederic Oakley
Spedden, Mrs. Frederic Oakley
(nee Margaretta Corning Stone)
and Maid (Miss Helen Alice Wilson)
Spedden, Master Robert Douglas
and Nurse (Miss Elizabeth M. Burns)

Spencer, Mr. William Augustus
Spencer, Mrs. William Augustus
(nee Marie Eugenie)
and Maid (Miss Elise Lurette)
Staehlin, Dr. Max

Stead, Mr. William Thomas
Stengel, Mr. Charles Emil Henry
Stengel, Mrs. Charles Emil Henry
(nee Annie May Morris)
Stephenson, Mrs. Walter Bertram
(nee Martha Eustis)

Stewart, Mr. Albert A.
Stone, Mrs. George Nelson
(nee Martha Evelyn)
and Maid (Miss Amelia Icard)

Straus, Mr. Isidor
and Manservant (John Farthing)
Straus, Mrs. Isidor
(nee Ida Blun)
and Maid (Miss Ellen Bird)
Sutton, Mr. Frederick
Swift, Mrs. Frederick Joel
(nee Margaret Welles Barron)

T (First Class)

Taussig, Mr. Emil
Taussig, Mrs. Emil
(nee Tillie Mandelbaum)
Taussig, Miss Ruth

Taylor, Mr. Elmer Zebley
Taylor, Mrs. Elmer Zebley
(nee Juliet Cummins Wright)

Thayer, Mr. John Borland
Thayer, Mrs. John Borland
(nee Marian Longstreth Morris)
and Maid (Miss Margaret Fleming)
Thayer, Mr. John (Jack) Borland Jr.

Thorne, Mr. George (real name George Rosenshine travelling with mistress Maybelle Thorne)

Thorne, Mrs. Gertrude Maybelle Thorne

Tucker, Mr. Gilbert Milligan Jr.


U (First Class)

Uruchurtu, Mr. Manuel E.

(First Class)

Van Derhoef, Mr. Wyckoff
von Drachstedt, Baron (Alfred Nourney)

(First Class)

Walker, Mr. William Anderson
Warren, Mr. Frank Manley
Warren, Mrs. Frank Manley
(nee Anna F. Atkinson)

Weir, Col. John
White, Mrs. John Stuart
(nee Ella Holmes)
and Maid (Miss Nellie M. Bessette)

and Manservant (Sante Reghini)
White, Mr. Percival Wayland
White, Mr. Richard Frasar
Wick, Col. George Dennick
Wick, Mrs. George Dennick
(nee Mary Hitchcock)
Wick, Miss Mary Natalie

Widener, Mr. George Dunton
and Manservant (Edward H. Keeping)
Widener, Mrs. George Dunton
(nee Eleanor Elkins)
and Maid (Miss Emily Geiger)

Widener, Mr. Harry Elkins
Willard, Miss Constance
Williams, Mr. Charles Duane
Williams, Mr. Fletcher Lambert
Williams, Mr. Richard Norris II
Woolner, Mr. Hugh

Wright, Mr. George

Y (First Class)

Young, Miss Marie Grice

SECOND CLASS PASSENGERS                                           
(survivors are shown in bold)

A (Second Class)

Abelson, Mr. Samuel
Abelson, Mrs. Samuel (Anna)
Aldworth, Mr. Charles Augustus
Andrew, Mr. Edgar Samuel
Andrew, Mr. Frank
Angle, Mr. William A.
Angle, Mrs. William A (Florence Mary).
Ashby, Mr. John

(Second Class)

Bailey, Mr. Percy Andrew
Bainbrigge, Mr. Charles R.
Balls, Mrs. Ada Anna (nee Hall)
Banfield, Mr. Frederick James
Bateman, Rev. Robert James
Beane, Mr. Edward
Beane, Mrs. Edward
(nee Ethel Clarke)

Beauchamp, Mr. Henry James
Becker, Mrs. Allen Oliver
(nee Nellie E. Baumgardner)
Becker, Miss Marion Louise
Becker, Master Richard F.
Becker, Miss Ruth Elizabeth
Beesley, Mr. Lawrence

Bentham, Miss Lillian W.
Berriman, Mr. William J.
Botsford, Mr. William Hull
Bowenur, Mr. Solomon
Bracken, Mr. James H.
Brown, Miss Amelia (Mildred)
Brown, Mr. Thomas William Solomon
Brown, Mrs. Thomas William Solomon
(nee Elizabeth Catherine Ford)
Brown, Miss Edith Eileen
Bryhl, Miss Dagmar
Bryhl, Mr. Kurt Arnold Gottfried
Buss, Miss Kate
Butler, Mr. Reginald Fenton
Byles, Rev. Thomas Roussel Davids
Bystrom, Miss Karolina

C (Second Class)

Caldwell, Mr. Albert Francis
Caldwell, Mrs. Albert Francis
(nee Sylvia Mae Harbaugh)
Caldwell, Master Alden Gates
Cameron, Miss Clear Annie

Campbell, Mr. William
Carbines, Mr. William
Carter, Rev. Ernest Courtenay
Carter, Mrs. Ernest Courtenay
(nee Lillian Hughes)
Chapman, Mr. Charles H.
Chapman, Mr. John Henry
Chapman, Mrs. John Henry
(nee Sarah Elizabeth Lawry)
Christy, Mrs. Alice Frances
Christy, Miss Juli R.

Clarke, Mr. Charles Valentine
Clarke, Mrs. Charles Valentine
(nee Ada Maria Winfield)

Coleridge, Mr. Reginald Charles
Collander, Mr. Erik
Collett, Mr. Sidney C. Stuart
Collyer, Mr. Harvey
Collyer, Mrs. Harvey
(nee Charlotte Annie Tate)
Collyer, Miss Marjorie Lottie

Cook, Mrs. Arthur H.
(nee Selena Rogers)

Corbett, Mrs. Walter Harris
(nee Irene Colvin)
Corey, Mrs. Percy C.
(nee Mary Phyllis Elizabeth Miller)
Cotterill, Mr. Harry
Cunningham, Mr. Alfred Fleming

D (Second Class)

Davies, Mr. Charles Henry
Davis, Mrs. Agnes Mary (nee Friggens)
Davis, Master John Morgan
Davis, Miss Mary

Deacon, Mr. Percy William
de Brito, Mr. Jose Joaquim
del Carlo, Mr. Sebastiano
del Carlo, Mrs. Sebastiano
(nee Argene Genovesi)
Denbuoy, Mr. Herbert
Dibden, Mr. William
Doling, Mrs. Ada Julia
Doling, Miss Elsie

Douton, Mr. William James
Drew, Mr. James Vivian
Drew, Mrs. James Vivian
(nee Lulu Thorne Christian)
Drew, Master Marshall Brines
Duran y More, Miss Asuncion
Duran y More, Miss Florentina

(Second Class)

Eitemiller, Mr. George Floyd
Enander, Mr. Ingvar

(Second Class)

Fahlstrom, Mr. Arne Jonas
Faunthorpe, Mr. Harry
Fillbrook, Mr. Charles J.
Fox, Mr. Stanley Hubert
Frost, Mr. Anthony W.
Funk, Miss Annie Clemmer
Fynney, Mr. Joseph J.

(Second Class)

Gale, Mr. Harry
Gale, Mr. Shadrach
Garside, Miss Ethel
Gaskell, Mr. Alfred
Gavey, Mr. Lawrence
Gilbert, Mr. William
Giles, Mr. Edgar
Giles, Mr. Frederick Edward
Giles, Mr. Ralph
Gill, Mr. John William
Gillespie, Mr. William Henry
Givard, Mr. Hans Christensen
Greenberg, Mr. Samuel

(Second Class)

Hale, Mr. Reginald
Hamalainen, Mrs. William (Anna)
Hamalainen, Master Viljo (William)

Harbeck, Mr. William H.
Harper, Rev. John
Harper, Miss Annie Jessie (Nina)
Harris, Mr. George

Harris, Mr. Walter
Hart, Mr. Benjamin
Hart, Mrs. Benjamin
(nee Esther Bloomfield)
Hart, Miss Eva Miriam

Herman, Mr. Samuel
Herman, Mrs. Samuel
(nee Jane Laver)
Herman, Miss Alice
Herman, Miss Kate

Hewlett, Mrs. Mary D.
Hickman, Mr. Leonard Mark
Hickman, Mr. Lewis
Hickman, Mr. Stanley George
Hiltunen, Miss Marta
Hocking, Mrs. Elizabeth (nee Needs)
Hocking, Mr. George
Hocking, Miss Ellen (Nellie)
Hocking, Mr. Samuel James Metcalfe
Hodges, Mr. Henry Price
Hold, Mr. Stephen
Hold, Mrs. Stephen
(nee Annie Margaret Gregory)

Hood, Mr. Ambrose Jr.
Hosono, Mr. Masafumi
Howard, Mr. Benjamin
Howard, Mrs. Benjamin
(nee Ellen Truelove)
Hunt, Mr. George Henry

(Second Class)

Ilett, Miss Bertha

(Second Class)

Jacobsohn, Mr. Sydney Samuel
Jacobsohn, Mrs. Sidney Samuel
(nee Amy Frances Christy)

Jarvis, Mr. John Denzil
Jefferys, Mr. Clifford Thomas
Jefferys, Mr. Ernest Wilfred
Jenkin, Mr. Stephen Curnow
Jerwan, Mrs. Amin S.
(nee Marie Marthe Thuillard)

(Second Class)

Kantor, Mr. Sinai
Kantor, Mrs. Sinai
(nee Miriam Sternim)

Karnes, Mrs. J. Frank
(nee Claire Bennett)
Keane, Mr. Daniel
Keane, Miss Hanora A. (Nora)
Kelly, Mrs. Florence (Fannie)
Kirkland, Rev. Charles Leonard
Knight, Mr. Robert
Kvillner, Mr. Johan Henrik Johannesson

(Second Class)

Lahtinen, Rev. William
Lahtinen, Mrs. William
(nee Anna Sylvan)

Lamb, Mr. John Joseph
Lamore, Mrs. Amelia (Milley)
Laroche, Mr. Joseph Philippe Lemercier
Laroche, Mrs. Joseph Philippe Lemercier
(nee Juliet Marie Louise Lafargue)
Laroche, Miss Louise
Laroche, Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andree
Lehmann, Miss Bertha
Leitch, Miss Jessie W.

Levy, Mr. Rene Jacques
Leyson, Mr. Robert William Norman
Lingan, Mr. John
Louch, Mr. Charles Alexander
Louch, Mrs. Charles Alexander (Alice Adelaide)

(Second Class)

Mack, Mrs. Mary
Malachard, Mr. Noel
Mallet, Mr. Albert
Mallet, Mrs. Albert (Antoinette)
Mallet, Master Andre

Mangiavacchi, Mr. Serafino Emilio
Mantvilla, Rev. Joseph
Matthews, Mr. William John
Maybery, Mr. Frank Hubert
McCrae, Mr. Arthur Gordon
McCrie, Mr. James Matthew
McKain, Mr. Peter David
Mellenger, Mrs. Claude L. W.
(nee Elizabeth Anne Maidment)
Mellenger, Miss Madeleine Violet
Mellor, Mr. William John

Meyer, Mr. August
Milling, Mr. Jacob Christian
Mitchell, Mr. Henry Michael
Moraweck, Dr. Ernest
Morley, Mr. Henry Samuel
(booked as Marshall, Mr. Henry)
Mudd, Mr. Thomas Charles
Myles, Mr. Thomas Francis

N (Second Class)

Nasser (Nasrallah), Mr. Nicholas
Nasser (Nasrallah), Mrs. Nicholas (Adele)
Navratil, Mr. Michel
(booked as Hoffman, Mr.)
Navratil , Master Edmond Roger
(booked as Hoffman child)
Navratil, Master Michel Marcel
(booked as Hoffman child)

Nesson, Mr. Israel
Nicholls, Mr. Joseph Charles
Norman, Mr. Robert Douglas
Nye, Mrs. Elizabeth Ramell

(Second Class)

Otter, Mr. Richard
Oxenham, Mr. Percy Thomas

(Second Class)

Padro y Manent, Mr. Julian
Pain, Dr. Alfred
Pallas y Castillo, Mr. Emilio
Parker, Mr. Clifford Richard
Parkes, Mr. Frank
Parrish, Mrs. Lutie (nee Davis)
Pengelly, Mr. Frederick William
Pernot, Mr. Rene
Peruschitz, Rev. Joseph M.
Phillips, Mr. Robert
Phillips, Miss Alice Caroline
Phillips, Miss Kate Louise
(booked as Marshall, Mrs. Henry)

Pinsky, Miss Rosa
Ponesell, Mr. Martin
Portaluppi, Mr. Emilio
Pulbaum, Mr. Franz

(Second Class)

Quick, Mrs. Frederick C.
(nee Jane Richards)
Quick, Miss Phyllis May
Quick, Miss Vera Winnifred

(Second Class)

Reeves, Mr. David
Renouf, Mr. Peter Henry
Renouf, Mrs. Peter Henry
(nee Lillian Jeffereys)

Reynaldo, Mrs. Encarnacion
Richard, Mr. Emile
Richards, Mrs. James Sibley
(nee Emily Hocking)
Richards, Master Sibley George
Richards, Master William Rowe

Ridsdale, Miss Lucy
Rogers, Mr. Harry
Rugg, Miss Emily

(Second Class)

Sedgwick, Mr. Charles Frederick Waddington
Sharp, Mr. Percival James
Shelley, Mrs. William
(nee Imanita Hall)

Silven, Miss Lyyli
Sincock, Miss Maude
Siukonnen, Miss Anna

Sjostedt, Mr. Ernst Adolf
Slayter, Miss Hilda Mary
Slemen, Mr. Richard James
Smith (Schmidt), Mr. Augustus
Smith, Miss Marion
Sobey, Mr. Hayden Samuel James
Stanton, Mr. Samuel Ward
Stokes, Mr. Philip Joseph
Swane, Mr. George
Sweet, Mr. George Frederick

T (Second Class)

Toomey, Miss Ellen
Troupiansky, Mr. Mosen Aaron
Trout, Mrs. William H. (Jessie L.)
Troutt, Miss Edwina Celia

Turpin, Mr. William John
Turpin, Mrs. William John
(nee Dorothy Ann Wonnacott)

(Second Class)

Veale, Mr. James

W (Second Class)

Walcroft, Miss Nellie
Ware, Mr. John James
Ware, Mrs. John James
(nee Florence Louise Long)

Ware, Mr. William Jeffrey
Watt, Mrs. James
(nee Bessie Inglis Milne)
Watt, Miss Bertha

Webber, Miss Susan
Weisz, Mr. Leopold
Weisz, Mrs. Leopold
(nee Mathilde Francoise Pede)

Wells, Mrs. Arthur H.
(nee Addie Dart Trevaskis)
Wells, Miss Joan
Wells, Master Ralph Lester

West, Mr. Edwy Arthur
West, Mrs. Edwy Arthur
(nee Ada Mary Worth)
West, Miss Barbara J.
West, Miss Constance Miriam

Wheadon, Mr. Edward H.
Wheeler, Mr. Edwin (Fred)
Wilhelms, Mr. Charles
Wilkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth A.
(booked as Faunthorpe, Mrs. Harry)

Williams, Mr. Charles Eugene
Wright, Miss Marion

(Second Class)

Yrois, Miss Henriette


(Traveled in Second Class -  No Survivors)

Brailey, Mr. Theodore Ronald
Bricoux, Mr. Roger Marie
Clarke, Mr. John Frederick Preston
Hartley, Mr. Wallace Henry (Bandmaster)
Hume, Mr. John Law (Jock)
Krins, Mr. George Alexander
Taylor, Mr. Percy Cornelius
Woodward, Mr. John Wesley

THIRD CLASS PASSENGERS                                           
(survivors are shown in bold - British embarked at South Hampton)

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Abbing, Mr. Anthony
Abbott, Mrs. Stanton
(nee Rosa)

Abbott, Mr. Eugene Joseph
Abbott, Mr. Rossmore Edward
Adams, Mr. John (in reality, Mr. Richard May)
Aks, Mrs. Sam
(nee Leah Rosen)

Aks, Master Philip (Filly)
Alexander, Mr. William
Allen, Mr. William Henry
Allum, Mr. Owen George

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Badman, Miss Emily Louisa
Barton, Mr. David John
Beavan, Mr. William Thomas
Bing, Mr. Lee
Bowen, Mr. David John
Braund, Mr. Lewis Richard
Braund, Mr. Owen Harris
Brocklebank, Mr. William Alfred

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Cann, Mr. Ernest Charles
Carver, Mr. Albert John
Celotti, Mr. Francesco
Chip, Mr. Chang
Christmann, Mr. Emil
Cohen, Mr. Gershun (Gus)
Cook, Mr. Jacob
Corn, Mr. Harry
Coutts, Mrs. William
(nee Minnie)
Coutts, Master William Leslie
Coutts, Master Neville

Coxon, Mr. Daniel
Crease, Mr. Ernest James
Cribb, Mr. John Hatfield
Cribb, Miss Laura Alice

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Dahl, Mr. Karl (Charles) Edward
Davies, Mr. Alfred J.
Davies, Mr. Evan
Davies, Mr. John Samuel
Davies, Mr. Joseph
Davison, Mr. Thomas Henry
Davison, Mrs. Thomas Henry
(nee Mary E. Finck)

Dean, Mr. Bertram Frank
Dean, Mrs. Bertram Frank
(nee Eva Georgetta Light)
Dean, Master Bertram Vere

Dean, Miss Elizabeth Gladys Millvina
Dennis, Mr. Samuel
Dennis, Mr. William
Dorkings, Mr. Edward Arthur
Dowdell, Miss Elizabeth
Drapkin, Miss Jenie
Duquemin, Mr. Joseph

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Elsbury, Mr. William James
Emanuel, Miss Virginia Ethel
Everett, Mr. Thomas James

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Foo, Mr. Choong
Ford, Mr. Arthur
Ford, Mrs. Edward
(nee Margaret Ann Watson)
Ford, Miss Doolina Margaret (Daisy)
Ford, Mr. Ernest Watson
Ford, Mr. William Neal
Ford, Miss Robina Maggie (Ruby)
Franklin, Mr. Charles (in reality, Charles Fardon)

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Garfirth, Mr. John
Gilinski, Mr. Eliezer (Leslie)
Goldsmith, Mr. Frank John
Goldsmith, Mrs. Frank John
(nee Emily Alice Brown)
Goldsmith, Master Frank John William
Goldsmith, Mr. Nathan
Goodwin, Mr. Charles Frederick
Goodwin, Mrs. Charles Frederick
(nee Augusta Tyler)
Goodwin, Mr. Charles Edward
Goodwin, Miss Jessie Allis
Goodwin, Master Harold Victor
Goodwin, Miss Lillian Amy
Goodwin, Master Sidney Leonard
Goodwin, Master William Frederick
Green, Mr. George Henry
Guest, Mr. Robert

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Harknett, Miss Alice Phoebe
Harmer, Mr. Abraham (in reality, David Livshin)
Hee, Mr. Ling
Howard, Miss May
Hyman, Mr. Abraham

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Johnson, Mr. Alfred
Johnson, Mr. William Cahoone Jr.
Johnston, Mr. Andrew Emslie
Johnston, Mrs. Andrew Emslie
(nee Elizabeth 'Lily' Watson)
Johnston, Miss Catherine Helen (Carrie)
Johnston, Master William Arthur (Willie)

K (British - embarked at Southampton)

Keefe, Mr. Arthur
Kelly, Mr. James

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Lam, Mr. Ali
Lam, Mr. Len
Lang, Mr. Fang
Leonard, Mr. Lionel
Lester, Mr. James
Ling, Mr. Lee
Lithman, Mr. Simon
Lobb, Mr. William Arthur
Lobb, Mrs. William Arthur
(nee Cordelia Stanlick)
Lockyer, Mr. Edward Thomas
Lovell, Mr. John Hall

(British - embarked at Southampton)

MacKay, Mr. George William
Maisner, Mr. Simon
McNamee, Mr. Neal
McNamee, Mrs. Neal
(nee Eileen O'Leary)
Meanwell, Mrs. Marion (nee Ogden)
Meek, Mrs. Thomas (Annie L.)
Meo, Mr. Alfonso
Miles, Mr. Frank
Moore, Mrs. Bella
Moore, Master Meyer

Moore, Mr. Leonard Charles
Morley, Mr. William
Moutal, Mr. Rahamin Haim
Murdlin, Mr. Joseph

N (British - embarked at Southampton)

Nancarrow, Mr. William Henry
Nosworthy, Mr. Richard Cater

P (British - embarked at Southampton)

Patchett, Mr. George
Peacock, Mrs. Benjamin
(nee Edith Treasteall Nile)
Peacock, Master Alfred Edward
Peacock, Miss Treasteall
Pearce, Mr. Ernest
Peduzzi, Mr. Joseph
Perkin, Mr. John Henry
Pickard, Mr. Berk (Trembisky)

R (British - embarked at Southampton)

Reed, Mr. James George
Reynolds, Mr. Harold J.
Risien, Mr. Samuel
Risien, Mrs. Samuel (Emma)
Robins, Mr. Alexander A.
Robins, Mrs. Alexander A.
(nee Grace Charity Lawry)
Rogers, Mr. William John
Roth, Miss Sarah
Rouse, Mr. Richard Henry
Rush, Mr. Alfred George John

S (British - embarked at Southampton)

Sadowitz, Mr. Harry
Sage, Mr. John George
Sage, Mrs. John George
(nee Annie Bullen)
Sage, Miss Ada
Sage, Miss Constance Gladys
Sage, Miss Dorothy Edith (Dolly)
Sage, Mr. Douglas Bullen
Sage, Mr. Frederick
Sage, Mr. George John
Sage, Miss Stella Anna
Sage, Master Thomas Henry
Sage, Master William Henry
Saeter, Mr. Simon Sivertsen
Saundercock, Mr. William Henry
Sawyer, Mr. Frederick Charles
Shellard, Mr. Frederick Blainey
Shorney, Mr. Charles Joseph
Simmons, Mr. John
Sirota, Mr. Maurice
Slocovski, Mr. Selman Francis
Somerton, Mr. Francis William
Spector, Mr. Woolf
Spinner, Mr. Henry John
Stanley, Miss Amy Elsie
Stanley, Mr. Edward Roland
Storey, Mr. Thomas
Sunderland, Mr. Victor Francis
Sutehall, Mr. Henry Jr. (Harry)

T (British - embarked at Southampton)

Theobald, Mr. Thomas Leonard
Thomson, Mr. Alexander Morrison
Thorneycroft, Mr. Percival
Thorneycroft, Mrs. Percival
(nee Florence Kate White)

Toerber, Mr. Ernest William
Tomlin, Mr. Ernest Portage
Tornquist, Mr. William Henry

V (British - embarked at Southampton)

Van Billiard, Mr. Austin Blyler
Van Billiard, Master James William
Van Billiard, Master Walter John

(British - embarked at Southampton)

Ware, Mr. Frederick
Warren, Mr. Charles William
Webber, Mr. James 
Wilkes, Mrs. Ellen (nee Needs)
Willey, Mr. Edward
Williams, Mr. Howard Hugh (Harry)
Williams, Mr. Leslie
Windelov, Mr. Einar
Wiseman, Mr. Phillippe

THIRD CLASS PASSENGERS                                           
(survivors are shown in bold  - Non-British embarked at South Hampton)

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Abelseth, Miss Anna Karen
Abelseth, Mr. Olaus Jergeson

Abrahamsson, Mr. August
Adahl, Mr. Mauritz Nils Martin
Ahlin, Mrs. Johanna Persdotter
Aijo-Nirva, Mr. Isak
Alhomaki, Mr. Ilmari Rudolf
Ali, Mr. William
Andersen, Mr. Albert Karvin
Andersson, Mr. Anders Johan
Andersson, Mrs. Anders Johan
(nee Alfrida K. Brogren)
Andersson, Miss Ebba Iris
Andersson, Miss Ellis Anna Maria
Andersson, Miss Ingeborg Constancia
Andersson, Miss Sigrid Elizabeth
Andersson, Master Sigvard Harald Elias
Andersson, Miss Erna Alexandra
Andersson, Miss Ida Augusta Margareta
Andersson, Mr. Johan Samuel
Andreasson, Mr. Paul Edvin
Angheloff, Mr. Minko
Arnold, Mr. Josef
Arnold, Mrs. Josef
(nee Josephine Frank)
Aronsson, Mr. Ernst Axel Algot
Asplund, Mr. Carl Oscar Wilhelm
Asplund, Mrs. Carl Oscar Wilhelm
(nee Selma Augusta Johansson)

Asplund, Master Carl Edgar
Asplund, Master Clarence Gustaf Hugo
Asplund, Master Edvin Rojj Felix
Asplund, Master Filip Oscar
Asplund, Miss Lillian Gertrud
Asplund, Mr. John Charles

Assam, Mr. Ali
Augustsson, Mr. Albert

B (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Backstrom, Mr. Karl Alfred
Backstrom, Mrs. Karl Alfred
(nee Maria Mathilde Gustafsson)

Balkic, Mr. Cerin
Bengtsson, Mr. John Viktor
Berglund, Mr. Karl Ivar Sven
Birkeland, Mr. Hans Martin
Bjorklund, Mr. Ernst Herbert
Bostandyeff, Mr. Guentcho
Braf, Miss Elin Ester Maria
Brobeck, Mr. Karl Rudolf

C (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Cacic, Mr. Grego
Cacic, Mr. Luka
Cacic, Mr. Manda
Cacic, Mr. Maria
Calic, Mr. Peter
Carlsson, Mr. Carl Robert
Carlsson, Mr. Julius
Carlsson, Mr. August Sigfrid
Coelho, Mr. Domingos Fernandes
Coleff, Mr. Fotio
Coleff, Mr. Peyo
Cor, Mr. Bartol
Cor, Mr. Ivan
Cor, Mr. Ludovik

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Dahl, Mr. Charles Edward
Dahlberg, Miss Gerda Ulrika
Dakic, Mr. Branko
Danbom, Mr. Ernst Gilbert
Danbom, Mrs. Ernst Gilbert
(nee Anna Sigrid Maria Brogren)
Danbom, Master Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel
Danoff, Mr. Yoto
Dantchoff, Mr. Khristo
Delalic, Mr. Regyo
De Messemaeker, Mr. William Joseph
De Messemaeker, Mrs. William Joseph (Anna)
De Mulder, Mr. Theodore
De Pelsmaeker, Mr. Alphonse
Dibo, Mr. Elias
Dimic, Mr. Jovan
Dintcheff, Mr. Valtcho
Dyker, Mr. Adolf Fredrik
Dyker, Mrs. Adolf Fredrik
(nee Anna Elizabeth Judith Andersson)

E (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Econovic, Mr. Joso
Edvardsson, Mr. Gustaf Hjalmar
Eklund, Mr. Hans Linus
Ekstrom, Mr. Johan

F (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Finoli, Mr. Luigi
Fischer, Mr. Eberhard Telander

G (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Gonçalves, Mr. Manuel Estanslas
Gronnestad, Mr. Daniel Danielsen
Gustafsson, Mr. Alfred Ossian
Gustafsson, Mr. Anders Vilhelm
Gustafsson, Mr. Johan Birger
Gustafsson, Mr. Karl Gideon

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Haas, Miss Aloisia
Hagland, Mr. Ingvald Olsen
Hagland, Mr. Konrad Mathias Reiersen
Hakkarainen, Mr. Pekka Pietari
Hakkarainen, Mrs. Pekka Pietari
(nee Elin Dolk)

Hamalainen, Mrs. William (Anna)
Hamalainen, Master Viljo

Hampe, Mr. Leo Jerome
Hansen, Mr. Henrik Juul
Hansen, Mr. Henry Damsgaard
Hansen, Mr. Peter Claus
Hansen, Mrs. Peter Claus
(nee Jennie L. Howard)

Hedman, Mr. Oscar
Heikkinen, Miss Laina
Heininen, Miss Wendla Maria
Hellstrom, Miss Hilda Maria
Hendekovic, Mr. Ignaz
Henriksson, Miss Jenny Lovisa
Hirvonen, Mrs. Alexander (Helga E.)
Hirvonen, Miss Hildur E.

Holm, Mr. John Fredrik Alexander
Holthen, Mr. Johan Martin
Honkanen, Miss Eluna
Humblen, Mr. Adolf Mathias Nikolai Olsen

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Ilieff, Mr. Ylio
Ilmakangas, Miss Ida Livija
Ilmakangas, Miss Pieta Sofia
Ivanoff, Mr. Kolio

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Jansson, Mr. Carl Olof
Jardin, Mr. Jose Netto
Jensen, Miss Carla Christine
Jensen, Mr. Hans Pieder
Jensen, Mr. Niels Peder
Jensen, Mr. Svend Lauritz
Johannessen-Bratthammer, Mr. Bernt
Johanson, Mr. Jakob Alfred
Johansson, Mr. Erik
Johansson, Mr. Gustaf Joel
Johansson, Mr. Karl Johan
Johansson, Mr. Nils
Johansson, Mr. Oskar L.
Johnson, Mrs. Oscar W.
(nee Alice Berg)

Johnson, Master Harold Theodor
Johnson, Miss Eleanor Ileen
Johnson, Mr. Malkolm Joackim
Jonkoff, Mr. Lazor
Jonsson, Mr. Carl
Jonsson, Mr. Nils Hilding
Jussila, Miss Aina Maria
Jussila, Mr. Erik
Jussila, Miss Katriina

K (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Kallio, Mr. Nikolai Erland
Kalvig, Mr. Johannes K. Halverson
Karajic, Mr. Milan
Karlsson, Mr. Einar Gervasius
Karlsson, Mr. Julius Konrad Eugen
Karlsson, Mr. Nils August
Kekic, Mr. Tido
Kink, Mr. Anton
Kink, Mrs. Anton
(nee Louise Heilmann)
Kink, Miss Louise Gretchen

Kink, Miss Maria
Kink, Mr. Vincenz
Klasen, Mrs. Hulda Kristina
Klasen, Miss Gertrud Emilia
Klasen, Mr. Klas Albin
Kraeff, Mr. Theodor

L (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Laitinen, Miss Kristina Sofia
Laleff, Mr. Kristo
Landergren, Miss Aurora Adelia
Larsson, Mr. August Viktor
Larsson, Mr. Bengt Edvin
Larsson-Rondberg, Mr. Edvard
Lefebre, Mrs. Frank (Frances)
Lefebre, Master Henry
Lefebre, Miss Ida
Lefebre, Miss Jeannie
Lefebre, Miss Mathilde
Leinonen, Mr. Antti Gustaf
Lievens, Mr. Rene
Lindahl, Miss Agda V.
Lindblom, Miss Augusta Charlotta
Lindell, Mr. Edvard Bengtsson
Lindell, Mrs. Edvard Bengtsson
(nee Elin Gerda)
Lindquist, Mr. Eino William
Lulich, Mr. Nicola
Lundahl, Mr. Johan
Lundin, Miss Olga Elida
Lundstrom, Mr. Thure Edvin
Lyntakoff, Mr. Stanko

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Madsen, Mr. Frithiof
Maenpaa, Mr. Matti Alexanteri
Makinen, Mr. Kalle Edvard
Mampe, Mr. Leon
Marinko, Mr. Dmitri
Markim, Mr. Joachim
Markoff, Mr. Marin
Matinoff, Mr. Nicola
Melkebuk, Mr. Philemon
Midtsjo, Mr. Karl Albert
Mihoff, Mr. Stoytcho
Mineff, Mr. Ivan
Minkoff, Mr. Lazar
Mirko, Mr. Dika
Mirkoff, Mr. Mito
Moen, Mr. Sigurd Hansen
Moss, Mr. Albert Johan
Myhrman, Mr. Per Fabian Oliver Malkolm

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Naidenoff, Mr. Penko
Nankoff, Mr. Mink
Nenkoff, Mr. Christo
Nieminen, Miss Manta Josefina
Niklasson, Mr. Samuel
Nilsson, Mr. August Ferdinand
Nilsson, Miss Berta Olivia
Nilsson, Miss Helmina Josefina
Niskanen, Mr. Johan
Nysten, Miss Anna
Nysveen, Mr. Johannes H.

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Odahl, Mr. Nils Martin
Ohman, Miss Velin
Olsen, Master Arthur
Olsen, Mr. Carl
Olsen, Mr. Henry Margido
Olsen, Mr. Ole M.
Olsson, Miss Elida
Olsson, Mr. Nils Johan
Olsson, Mr. Oscar Johansson
Olsvigen, Mr. Thor Andersen
Oreskovic, Mr. Jeko
Oreskovic, Mr. Luka
Oreskovic, Mr. Maria
Osen, Mr. Olof Elon
Osman, Miss Maria

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Panula, Mrs. John (Maria Emilia)
Panula, Mr. Ernesti Arvid
Panula, Mr. Jaakko Arnold
Panula, Master Juha Niilo
Panula, Master William
Pasic, Mr. Jakob
Paulsson, Mrs. Nils
(nee Alma Cornelia Berglund)
Paulsson, Master Gosta Leonard
Paulsson, Master Paul Folke
Paulsson, Miss Stina Viola
Paulsson, Miss Torborg Danira
Pavlovic, Mr. Stefo
Pecruic, Mr. Mate
Pecruic, Mr. Tome
Pedersen, Mr. Olaf
Pekoniemi, Mr. Edvard
Peltomaki, Mr. Nikolai Johannes
Persson, Mr. Ernst Ulrik
Petersen, Mr. Marius
Petranec, Miss Matilda
Petroff, Mr. Nedeca
Petroff, Mr. Pentcho
Pettersson, Miss Ellen Natalia
Pettersson, Mr. Johan Emil
Plotcharsky, Mr. Vasil

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Radeff, Mr. Alexander
Riihiivuori, Miss Sanni
Rintamaki, Mr. Matti
Rommetvedt, Mr. Karl Kristian Knut
Rosblom, Mrs. Viktor (Helen Wilhelmina)
Rosblom, Miss Salli Helena
Rosblom, Mr. Viktor Rickard

S (Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Salander, Mr. Karl Johan
Salkjelsvik, Miss Anna Kristine
Salonen, Mr. Johan Werner
Sandstrom, Mrs. Hjalmar
(nee Agnes Charlotta Bengtsson)
Sandstrom, Miss Beatrice Irene
Sandstrom, Miss Margurite Rut

Sap, Mr. Jules
Scheerlinckx, Mr. Jean
Sdycoff, Mr. Todor
Sivic, Mr. Husen
Sivola, Mr. Antti William
Sjoblom, Miss Anna Sofia
Skoog, Mr. William
Skoog, Mrs. William
(nee Anna Bernhardina Karlsson)
Skoog, Master Harald
Skoog, Master Karl
Skoog, Miss Margrit
Slabenoff, Mr. Petco
Smiljanovic, Mr. Mile
Soholt, Mr. Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen
Solvang, Mrs. Lena Jacobsen
Staneff, Mr. Ivan
Stoyehoff, Mr. Ilia
Strandberg, Miss Ida Sofia
Stranden, Mr. Juho
Strilic, Mr. Ivan
Strom, Mrs. Wilhelm
(nee Elna Matilda Persson)
Strom, Miss Selma Matilda
Sundman, Mr. Johan Julian
Svensson, Mr. Johan
Svensson, Mr. Johan Cervin
Svensson, Mr. Olof

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Tenglin, Mr. Gunnar Isidor
Tikkanen, Mr. Juho
Todoroff, Mr. Lalio
Turcin, Mr. Stefan
Turja, Miss Anna Sofia
Turkula, Mrs. Hedvig

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Uzelas, Mr. Joso

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Vandercruyssen, Mr. Victor
Vanderplancke, Miss Augusta
Vanderplancke, Mr. Jules
Vanderplancke, Mrs. Jules
(nee Emilie Vandemoortele)
Vanderplancke, Mr. Leo
Van den Steen, Mr. Leo Peter
Van de Velde, Mr. Joannes Joseph
Van de Walle, Mr. Nestor
Van Impe, Mr. Jean Baptiste
Van Impe, Mrs. Jean Baptiste
(nee Rosalie Govaerts)
Van Impe, Mr. Catherine
Van Melkebeke, Mr. Philemon
Vendel, Mr. Olof Edvin
Vereruysse, Mr. Victor
Vestrom, Miss Hulda Amanda Adolfina
Vonk, Mr. Jenko

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Waelens, Mr. Achille
Wennerstrom, Mr. August Edvard
Widegren, Mr. Charles Peter
Wiklund, Mr. Jacob Alfred
Wiklund, Mr. Karl Johan
Wirz, Mr. Albert
Wittenrongel, Mr. Camille

(Non-British - embarked at Southampton)

Zimmerman, Mr. Leo

THIRD CLASS PASSENGERS                                           
(survivors are shown in bold  - Embarked at Cherbourg)

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Abraham, Mrs. Joseph
(nee Mary Sophie Easu)

Assaf, Mr. Gerios
Assaf, Mrs. Mariana
Attalah, Miss Malaka
Attalah (Kalil), Mr. Solomon

B (Embarked at Cherbourg)

Baccos, Mr. Rafoul
Baclini, Mrs. Solomon
(nee Latifa Qurban)
Baclini, Miss Eugenie
Baclini, Miss Helene
Baclini, Miss Maria

Badt, Mr. Mohamed
Banoura, Miss Ayout
Barbara, Mrs. Catherine
Barbara, Miss Saude
Betros, Mr. Tannous
Boulos, Mr. Hanna
Boulos, Mrs. Joseph (Sultana)
Boulos, Master Akar
Boulos, Miss Laura
Brahim, Mr. Youssef

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Caram (Kareem), Mr. Joseph
Caram (Kareem), Mrs. Joseph
Cassem, Mr. Nassef Belmenly
Chehab, Mr. Emir Farres
Chronopoulos, Mr. Apostolos
Chronopoulos, Mr. Demetrios

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Daher, Mr. Tannous
Drazonovic, Mr. Josef

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Elias, Mr. Elias
Elias, Mr. John
Elias, Mr. Joseph

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Georges, Mrs. Shanini (Jenny)

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Hassan, Mr. M. Houssein

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Karun, Mr. Franz
Karun, Miss Anna

Kassem, Mr. Fared
Khalil, Mr. Betros
Khalil, Mrs. Betros (Zahie)
Khalil, Mr. Saad
Kiamie, Miss Adele Najib
Krekorian, Mr. Neshan

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Lahowd, Mr. Sarkis
Leeni, Mr. Fahim
Lemberopolous, Mr. Peter L.

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Mamee, Mr. Hanna
Mansour, Mr. Hanna
Mardirosian, Mr. Sarkis
Masselmany, Mrs. Fatima
Moubarek, Mrs. George
(nee Amenia Alexander)
Moubarek, Master George
Moubarek, Master William George
Moubarek (Borak), Mr. Hanna (John)

Moussa, Mrs. Mantoura Baloics
Moutal, Mr. Rahamin

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Naked (Nackid), Mr. Said
Naked (Nackid), Mrs Said
(nee Mary Mowad)
Naked (Nackid), Miss Mary

Nahil, Mr. Toufik
Nasr, Mr. Mustafa
Nasr, Mr. Saad Jean
Nicola (Yarred), Master Elias
Nicola (Yarred), Miss Jamila

Novel, Mr. Mansour

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Paulner, Mr. Uscher
Peter (Joseph), Mrs. Catherine
Peter (Joseph), Miss Mary
Peter (Joseph), Master Michael

Raibid, Mr. Razi

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Saad, Mr. Amin
Samaan, Mr. Elias
Samaan, Mr. Hanna
Samaan, Mr. Youssef
Seman, Master Betros
Shedid, Mr. Daher
Sirayanian, Mr. Arsun
Stankovic, Mr. Johan

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Tannous, Mr. Thomas
Thomas, Mrs. Alexander (Thelma)
Thomas, Master Assed Alexander

Thomas, Mr. Charles
Thomas, Mr. John
Thomas, Mr. John Jr.
Torfa, Mr. Assad
Touma (Thomas), Mrs. Darwin
(nee Anna Razi)
Touma (Thomas), Master George
Touma (Thomas), Miss Hanna

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Vartanian, Mr. David
Vassilios, Mr. Catevelas

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Wazli, Mr. Youssef
Willer, Mr. Aaron

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Yalsevac, Mr. Ivan
Yasbeck, Mr. Antoni
Yasbeck, Mrs. Antoni (Celiney Alexander)

Youssef, Mr. Gerios

(Embarked at Cherbourg)

Zabour, Miss Hileni
Zabour, Miss Tamini
Zakarian, Mr. Artun
Zakarian, Mr. Maprieder

THIRD CLASS PASSENGERS                                           
(survivors are shown in bold  - Embarked at Queenstown (now Cobh))

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Barry, Miss Julia
Bradley, Miss Bridget Delia
Buckley, Mr. Daniel
Buckley, Miss Katherine
Burke, Mr. Jeremiah
Burns, Miss Mary Delia

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Canavan, Miss Mary
Canavan, Mr. Patrick
Carr, Miss Helen
Carr, Miss Jeannie
Colbert, Mr. Patrick
Conlin, Mr. Thomas Henry
Connaghton, Mr. Michael
Connolly, Miss Kate
Connolly, Miss Kate
Connors, Mr. Patrick

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Daly, Mr. Eugene
Daly, Miss Marcella
Devaney, Miss Margaret
Dewan, Mr. Frank
Dooley, Mr. Patrick
Doyle, Miss Elizabeth
Driscoll, Miss Bridget

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Farrell, Mr. James
Flynn, Mr. James
Flynn, Mr. John
Foley, Mr. Joseph
Foley, Mr. William
Fox, Mr. Patrick

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Gallagher, Mr. Martin
Gilnagh, Miss Katie
Glynn, Miss Mary Agatha

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Hagardon, Miss Kate
Hart, Mr. Henry
Healy, Miss Nora
Hegarty, Miss Nora
Hemming, Miss Nora
Henery, Miss Delia
Horgan, Mr. John

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Jermyn, Miss Annie

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Keane, Mr. Andrew
Kelly, Miss Annie Kate
Kelly, Mr. James
Kelly, Miss Mary
Kennedy, Mr. John
Kiernan, Mr. John
Kiernan, Mr. Philip
Kilgannon, Mr. Thomas

L (Embarked at Queenstown)

Lane, Mr. Patrick
Lemon, Mr. Denis
Lemon, Mrs. Denis (Mary)
Linehan, Mr. Michael

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Madigan, Miss Margaret
Mahon, Miss Delia
Mangan, Miss Mary
Mannion, Miss Margaret
McCarthy, Miss Katie
McCormack, Mr. Thomas J.
McCoy, Miss Agnes
McCoy, Miss Alice
McCoy, Mr. Bernard

McDermott, Miss Bridget Delia
McElroy, Mr. Michael
McGovern, Mrs. Hugh (Mary)
McGowan, Miss Annie
McGowan, Miss Katherine
McMahon, Mr. Martin
Mechan, Mr. John
Mocklare, Miss Helen Mary
Moran, Miss Bertha
Moran, Mr. Daniel J.
Moran, Mr. James
Morrow, Mr. Thomas Rowan
Mullins, Miss Katie
Mulvihill, Miss Bertha E.
Murphy, Miss Katherine
Murphy, Miss Margaret
Murphy, Miss Norah

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Naughton, Miss Hannah
Nemaugh, Mr. Robert


(Embarked at Queenstown)

O'Brien, Mr. Denis
O'Brien, Mr. Thomas
O'Brien, Mrs. Thomas
(nee Hannah Godfrey)

O'Connell, Mr. Patrick D.
O'Connor, Mr. Maurice
O'Connor, Mr. Patrick
O'Dwyer, Miss Nellie
O'Keefe, Mr. Patrick
O'Leary, Miss Norah

O'Neill, Miss Bridget
O'Sullivan, Miss Bridget

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Peters, Miss Katie
Rice, Mrs. William
(nee Margaret Norton)

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Rice, Master Albert
Rice, Master Arthur
Rice, Master George
Rice, Master Eric
Rice, Master Eugene
Riordan, Miss Hannah
Ryan, Mr. Edward
Ryan, Mr. Patrick

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Sadlier, Mr. Matthew
Scanlon, Mr. James
Shaughnesay, Mr. Patrick
Shine, Miss Ellen
Smyth, Miss Julia

(Embarked at Queenstown)

Tobin, Mr. Roger

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