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White Star Liner SS Adriatic (2nd)


White Star Line Adriatic (2nd) 1907-1935

Adriatic was built in 1907 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast, for the White Star Line. She one of the original "Big Four." (Cedric, Celtic, Baltic, Adriatic) A new class of liners built between 1901 and 1907. She was considered fast for 1907, crossing the Atlantic in nine days, but that record would not last long when the Cunarders Mauritania and Lusitania would arrive on the scene. Adriatic was the first ship to have a swimming pool, or "swimming bath" as they were called.

 Adriatic "flying colors" in Southampton.



Tragedy struck Adriatic on August 11, 1922. While at sea, there was an explosion in one of her coal bunkers killing five crew and injuring four. Adriatic went through a series of refits changing the numbers of accommodations and the classes they were in.

Numerous mechanical problems plagued the ship in the the early 30's putting it out of service. It got to the point where Adriatic was costing more money than it was making. When the Cunard - White Star merger occurred in 1934,  was the first to go. She was scrapped in Japan in 1935.











1908 2nd class breakfast aboard the Adriatic. (webmaster's private collection)









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