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White Star Line: SS Cufic II

White Star Line Cufic (2nd) 1895-1932

Built and launched as the American for the West India Pacific Steamship Company, she was built in 1895 by Harland and Wolff in Belfast. The vessel was built as a cargo freighter but did have some limited passenger accommodations. She was moved to the Leyland Line and in 1904 and after the formation of the International Mercantile Marine, transferred to White Star and renamed Cufic as a replacement to the original WSL Cufic that had been sold five years earlier. (then sank in 1919)

Henry T. Wilde served as a junior officer aboard Cufic. Wilde went on to become Chief Officer to Captain Smith aboard Titanic. Truly a a tragic story, Henry Wild had lost his wife and twin sons to scarlet fever in 1910 and was lost himself in the Titanic disaster two years later. Some historians have speculated that it was Wild who shot himself in Titanic's final moments. (Several survivors reported that an officer had shot himself on deck.)

White Star sold Cufic in 1924 to an Italian shipping company that renamed her Antiartico. She was later sold again to Bozzo and Mortola (another Italian shipping company) and renamed Maria Gulia. She was finally scrapped in 1932.

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