SS Delphic (2nd)

White Star Line Delphic (2nd) (1918-1948)

White Star Line's second named vessel Delphic was built in 1917 by Workman, Clark and Company Ltd. also of Belfast (as is Harland and Wolff) She was built as a cargo vessel to be managed by the Booth Line. At the time of her launching in early 1918, she was immediately put into in military service by the Shipping Controller of London and named War Icarus. She was used for military duty for less than a year (WWI was ending) and was purchased by the Atlantic Transport Line who renamed her Masaba. In 1925, the White Star Line and Atlantic Transport Line both fell under the auspices of the International Mercantile Marine. She was transferred to White Star and renamed Delphic (2nd) White Star used her for cargo transport for eight years and sold her to the Clan Line.(1933) The Clan Line renamed her Clan Farquhar and she was finally scrapped her in 1948

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