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White Star Line: SS Georgic

White Star Liner Georgic  1895-1916 - Sunk by the German Raider SMS Mwe

Georgic was built in 1895 for the White Star Line by Harland and Wolff in Belfast. She was one of the largest livestock carriers ever built in her day and was built to replace the missing White Star Line vessel Naronic.




Deck of the Georgic (webmasters private collection)




In 1916, while enroute to Brest, France, having left Philadelphia, PA, she was approached by the German Raider SMS Mwe (launched in 1914 as Pungo). Georgic was transporting 1200 horses, barrels of oil, and wheat. When signaled to stop by the Mwe, the Georgic ignored the hail and kept going. Mwe fired a shell from one of her guns striking Georgic on the aft deck and killing one crewmember.

The crew was captured and put on board Mweas POW's. Georgic's crew did their best to try to talk their captors into taking the Georgic into occupied France as a prize to save the cargo of 1200 horses, but viciously the Mwe decided instead to shell and sink the Georgic on the spot. It's been speculated that Mwe most likely didn't want to sail Georgic out of  fear of running into a British warship on the way back, or she may have wanted to continue on her patrol to sink other vessels.

Georgic sinking



The German Raider SMS Mwe (left) sank more shipping than any other Raider in WWI.







On April 7th 1945, while sheltering off the coast of Norway, Mwe was attacked by British fighter planes (Bristol Type 156 Beaufighters) that had been patrolling the Norwegian coastal waters. After repeated strafing, she caught on fire and sank while moored.

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