Titanic's First Class Accommodations


Forward First Class Staircase

Aft First Class Staircase








(LEFT) First Class Reading and Writing Room - Located on "A" Deck, port side of ship. (also referred to as "Upper Promenade Deck" - adjoins lounge)


(RIGHT)  First Class Smoking Room - located aft on "A" Deck, or Upper Promenade Deck - adjoins Verandah and Palm Court.







(LEFT) First Class Lounge - located on "A" deck (Upper Promenade) - adjoins Reading and Writing Room


(RIGHT) First Class Reception Room - Located on "D" Deck. Also referred to as the "Saloon Deck" located at the bottom level of Grand Staircase (adjoins dining room)


(LEFT) First Class Dining Saloon - Located on "D" Deck. Also referred to as the "Jacobean Room."

(RIGHT) First Class Cabin B-52 - Located on forward, port side "B" deck.


Second Class Accommodations


Second Class Staircase Located aft behind 2nd mast


Second Class Library Located aft and forward of 2nd mast on "C" Deck




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