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Titanic Photo Archive (for interior photos of Titanic click here)

Titanic's recovered and restored ship's bell (from the foremast over the crow's nest) this is the bell that lookout Fredrick Fleet rang 3 times before picking up the phone and telling the bridge "Iceberg right ahead."

Titanic Officer, believed to be Capt. Smith walking aft on the promenade deck


Young 1st class Titanic passenger Jack Odell looks out over the forward promenade railing as a Titanic crew member stands his post. (most likely asked to pose for the photo)


Third class passengers on Titanic's "poop deck," the deck area allotted for third class (Third class passengers were not allowed in the second or first class areas)


Discovered on one of the dives to the Titanic wreck site and dubbed a Titanic "chandelier" is actually the remains

of a ceiling mounted light fixture hanging by it's wire's after the ceiling disintegrated from the sea water. Several of these light fixtures

were found still hanging where they were originally mounted; one still had intact light bulbs in it.

The White Star Line flag at half mast (along with other company flags) in Ireland after the disaster.

Taking a stroll on the deck
















One of Titanic's elevator motors (foreground) and the compass platform are seen in this deck photo. This is the

approximate location where Titanic broke in half during the sinking.



















Inaccurate depiction of the sinking. Survivors in the boats claimed they never saw any icebergs in the water while

awaiting rescue. Titanic had already long passed the berg it struck prior to sinking.

Image courtesy of artist, Mona Caron.  See to visit her gallery.













An observer watches Titanic being nudged up to the dock after returning from her sea trials.

(Above) One of Titanic's deck chairs                                                                                (Above) A chair from Titanic's Turkish Bath

(Both recovered by the cable ship Mackay-Bennett while searching for victims in the water)




















Rare photo of sister ships Titanic (left) and Olympic together undergoing repairs in Belfast.


Titanic being pushed away from the SS New York after a near collision.

















A grim photo of the rescue ship Carpathia returning to New York. All that remained of Titanic were her lifeboats seen being lowered here at the White Star Pier. Titanic survivors can be seen along the rails of the Carpathia observing.


White Star Line employees securing Titanic's boats in New York.




These Titanic lifeboat name plates recently sold at auction (2016) for $53.000. These are a set of the name plates that were stolen by souvenir hunters from the boat's when the Carpathia arrived in New York and dropped them off at the White Star Line dock's.






1912 Souvenir Hunters - The very evening Carpathia delivered these boats at the White Star Line dock in New York, souvenir hunters stripped the boats of their oars, oar locks, life vests, any remaining provisions, compasses and lamps. ALL of the wooden name plates fixed on the bows of the boats that read: S.S. Titanic were pried off and stolen.

* Webmasters note - This is reminiscent of people picking up remains of the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) in 2003 and trying to sell them on eBayŽ. I guess people haven't changed that much in the last 105 years as far as trying to make a quick buck..

















Titanic in the "Great Gantry" under construction at Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast.

















Men in a small boat watch Titanic leaving Queenstown, (now Cobh) Ireland


















Lifeboat davit 1 seen still swung out over the sea from lowering its boat; a very sobering photo.














Outside view of Titanic's officers quarters. Notice the glass in the windows is still intact.


* Rare Film footage of Titanic?

* Possibly Titanic. If so, promenade glass not yet fitted. Could be Olympic. (Requires RealPlayer)

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