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White Star Line SS Oceanic III

The Ship that only had her keel Laid

The Proposed White Star Liner Oceanic (III) 1928 - Keel laid, never built

Artist Rendering

During the Lord Kylsant (Owen Phillips) reign over the White Star Line, the third proposed Oceanic's keel was laid. The ship was to be 930 feet in length, and weigh in at 52,000 gross tons. Unfortunately, at the time, the White Star Line was part of the Royal Mail Packet which was already financially doomed. Lord Kylsant would soon be prosecuted for filing a false corporate prospectus to stockholders and would be sentenced to one year in jail. As a result of poor management, the 7 million dollar Oceanic III was never built and the White Star Line ended up merging with Cunard. See Final Demise of the White Star Line on this site.

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