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White Star Line SS Regina

White Star Liner Regina 1917-1947

Construction on Regina began in 1917 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast, originally built for the Dominion Line. With WWI escalating, it was decided to launch Regina before her original commercial design completion (with only one funnel) to be utilized as a troop transport. In 1919, with the war having ended, she was returned to Harland and Wolff for completion, including the addition of her second funnel.



Upon completion, Regina was almost identical in appearance to the second  Doric.

Doric (II) pictured top, Regina pictured on the bottom







Regina's maiden commercial voyage, was in March of 1922 from Liverpool to Halifax to Portland, serving in the White Star/Dominion joint service. She was transferred solely to White Star in 1925, (by IMM) but for reasons unknown, kept the name Regina.

Regina, painted in White Star's colors was utilized by the White Star Line for the next four years then again transferred to IMM's Red Star Line in 1929, This time she was renamed Westernland and was repainted in Red Star colors. (kind of confusing as to why this was done) Under the Red Star Flag she served on the Antwerp-Southampton-New York route.

White Star Liner Regina original post card (webmaster's private collection)

She was eventually sold to Bernstein Red Star Line in 1935, and later sold again to Holland America in 1939. Still named Westernland, she escaped to England when Germany invaded Holland in 1940 and served as the home of the Dutch Government in Exile at Falmouth, England.

She went on to troop transport service once again, then served as a repair ship, and finally as a destroyer depot ship. She was decommissioned in 1945 and returned to Cunard -White Star.

Plans to refit her for use by Cunard-White Star were abandoned due to her age, and she was sold in 1946 for conversion to a whale depot ship, but that plan, too, was abandoned and she was finally broken up in 1947.




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