White Star Line SS Belgic (II)


SS Belgic (II) 1885-1902

Belgic (II) was combination cargo/passenger ship built by Harland and Wolff Shipbuilders in Belfast and was the sister ship to Gaelic (II)  Launched in January of 1885, she was 420 feet long and a 42 foot beam. Total gross tonnage was 4,212 tons and her average cruising speed was 12.5 knots. She was powered by two tandem compound steam engines with one shaft and one prop. There were accommodations for 72 first class passengers.

Belgic was constructed to work the San Francisco to Hong Kong Route. White Star sold the Belgic to the Atlantic Transport Line and she was renamed Mohawk, working the London - New York route until the British government requisitioned her to be used as a troop transport during the Boer War. Mohawk was released from government service in 1902 but it was decided not to refurbish her and she was broken up.


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