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White Star Line SS Teutonic

White Star Line Teutonic 1889-1921

Sister ship to Majestic both keels were laid in 1887. The Teutonic was built under the Auxiliary Armed Cruiser Agreement, with intentions of eventual conversion to passenger service. An extremely fast ship, she set a transatlantic crossing record twice. Teutonic was the first armed merchant cruiser and one of two White Star Line vessels ever armed with guns. (8 - 4.7" guns) Teutonic was used as a troop transport for the Boer War in 1900. In 1901 she was hit by a tidal wave (tsunami) caused by an earthquake, and two lookouts were washed out of the crows nest.

Teutonic did see a few years in commercial passenger service between the Boer War and the WWI.

After a 1916 refit with 6 " guns, Teutonic participated in several convoy escorts. Living most of her life in military service, she was further used for troop transport in 1918 and was eventually sold and scrapped in 1921 at Emden.




















Teutonic in Liverpool


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