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White Star Line RMS Titanic

White Star Liner Titanic 1910-1912

Titanic was built in 1910 by Harland and Wolff Shipbuilders in Belfast. She was one of the three new "Olympic Class Liners;" Olympic, Titanic and Gigantic (renamed Britannic after the Titanic disaster) She was built more for luxury and comfort than speed as a direct competitor to the rival Cunard Steamship Company on the Liverpool to New York route. Serving as a Royal Mail carrier, earning the title RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) in front of her name, she also carried immigrant passengers in addition to the "well to do." passengers of the time.

On the evening of April 14,1912, while on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, Titanic stuck an iceberg in the North Atlantic about 400 miles East of the Grand Banks. Foundering for about 2 hours, she sank taking the lives of 1,527 passengers and crew with her. There were only 705 survivors. This marked the greatest maritime loss of life in peacetime to the date.

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