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White Star Line SS Tropic


WSL Tropic (1st) 1871-1894


The first SS Tropic was a small passenger steamship built by Thomas Royden & Sons in Liverpool along with her sister ship Asiatic (1st)  and launched in 1871. She had a gross tonnage of 2,122 tons, was 326.4 ft in length, 35.2 beam, had 1 deck and 1 funnel. In addition she carried 3 masts and was powered by a 2 cylinder compound engine. (1 screw) Avg cruising speed: 12 knots. Tropic had a fairly uneventful career. She was sold twice, renamed Federico and was eventually scrapped in 1894.

Note, these were still the early days for steam engines on ocean going vessels. Steam engines in this time period broke down fairly often. Masts and sails were a back up to assure not being stranded.

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