White Star Line Vessel Cevic



WSL Cevic 1894-1933

  Cevic was built as a livestock carrier, she worked the Liverpool to New York route. Requisitioned by the British Admiralty in 1914, she was converted into a dummy battleship, renamed * HMS Queen Mary, and sent out on patrol to fool the Germans into thinking a battleship was in the area for protection of supply ships. The trick worked and her disguise was never discovered. In 1916, she was renamed Bayol and converted into an oil tanker. In 1917, she fell under new management and renamed Bayleaf.

 In 1920 it was sold to the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company and renamed Pyrula. She was later scrapped in 1933 in Genoa.

* During the Battle of Jutland, (1916) the largest naval fleet battle of WWI, the real HMS Queen Mary accidentally blew herself up when the flash from one of her deck guns ignited a powder magazine on board killing over 1,600 crew members.  












Cevic disguised as HMS Queen Mary. The first and third funnels were dummy funnels - note the the lack of smoke coming from them. 
















The real battleship HMS Queen Mary

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