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White Star Liner SS Majestic (II)

"The Magic Stick"

RMS Majestic II (former Bismarck) 1914-1944

Majestic (originally named Bismarck) was built by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, Germany and launched in June 1914 for the Hamburg-Amerika Line. She was 956 ft x 100 ft with a 58 ft beam.; tonnage: 56,599, with a service speed of 23.5+ knots. There were accommodations for 700 first class, 545 second class, and 850 third class passengers.

Not yet completed, in August of 1914, all construction was halted and she sat idle during the remainder of WWI. (Actually rusting and taking on water in her berth for 5 years) At the end of the war (1919) in compliance with war reparations as dictated by the Treaty of Versailles, she was turned over to the British Admiralty. Bismarck was then purchased by the White Star Line, (as sort of a pseudo-Titanic replacement) final fitting was completed, and she was renamed Majestic.


She was to be the flagship of the WSL fleet and at this time the largest ocean liner in the world. On her trip from Hamburg to Southampton, she set a speed record and later set a Southampton to New York trans-Atlantic crossing record.


Majestic became a favorite among the passenger trade and would eventually sell out her accommodations before the Olympic did in the 1920's and 30's. Olympic had previously been the passage "favorite" due to her being the sister ship of the ill-fated Titanic. Majestic later earned the affectionate nick name "Magic Stick."


Her glory days as the luxurious Majestic finally concluded in in 1937 having become 23 years old and suffering from numerous structural and electrical problems. In 1937 the ship was sold to the British Admiralty to become a permanently based training ship for cadets and was renamed HMS Caldonia.


In 1939 she sank in in her berth in Scotland after having caught fire after an air raid. (presumed to be caused by faulting electrical wiring.) She was sold to T.W. Wards & Co. in 1940 and scrapped in 1944.








                               Majestic's 1st Class Lounge                                                                                                                      Majestic's Swimming Bath

 Elkington Sliver Fork and Knife (for fish) from the RMS Majestic 

(Webmasters private collection)

                 1925 magazine ad for Majestic

                 (Webmasters private collection)


(Below) Majestic tied up in Nova Scotia. 1927

Final Voyage. (Below) Former Majestic, pictured here as HMS Caldonia on her way to Rosyth, Scotland to be used for Naval Cadet training.

Notice her funnels have been shortened, (to make it under a bridge) all of her lifeboats have been removed except for 2 for the crew, and the

words Majestic, Liverpool have been removed from the stern fantail.

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