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White Star Line SS Baltic (1st)



White Star Line SS Baltic (originally to be named Pacific, changed to Baltic at launching) 1871- 1898 (sank)


Baltic (I) was the third of a quartet (Oceanic, Republic, Baltic and Atlantic) of liners built exclusively for the White Star Line under the new ownership of Thomas Henry Ismay.  She was built in 1871 by Harland and Wolff in Belfast. Baltic was originally to be the Pacific, but her name was changed at the time of her launching due to another vessel (owned by a different shipping line) named Pacific that had recently struck an iceberg and sank that resulted in multiple deaths. White Star quickly changed the name to Baltic, or most likely no one would have booked passage on her. (people were quite superstitious in these days) Baltic was a state-of-the-art ship for her day carrying 1,000 passengers and accommodating 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers. In 1888, this vessel became Edward J. Smith's (Captain of Titanic) first command in the White Star Line. In 1898 Baltic struck a submerged derelict in the North Atlantic and slowly sank. There were no fatalities.

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