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SS Bardic


White Star Line Bardic 1919-1941

Built in 1918 as a cargo vessel under the name War Priam (no doubt from King Priam of Troy) she was sold to White Star and renamed BardicBardic ran around on Stag Rock off the Isle of Wight, England in 1925. (see above - notice her slight list to port) She was a slow vessel and White Star needed to make room for the newly designed ships on the drafting tables. She was sold to the Aberdeen Line in 1926 and renamed Horatius. Aberdeen kept her seven years and transferred her to the Shaw - Savill and Abion line and she was renamed again Kumara. In 1937 Kumara was sold to a Greek Shipping line named Piraeus and renamed Marathon. On September 3, 1941 while straggling behind in a convoy of the Cape Verde Islands, Marathon was attacked and sunk by the German battleship, Scharnhorst.

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