White Star Line RMS Celtic (II)

White Star Line RMS Celtic (II) 1901-1928


One of the original "Big Four" built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, and launched in 1901. RMS Celtic (II) was another unlucky White Star Line vessel. She ran the Atlantic crossing service from 1901 to 1907. Later, she served as a WWI armed merchant cruiser and ran up on a German mine and was then torpedoed by UB-77 killing 7. Celtic somehow managed to escape, however, in 1928, due to navigational errors,  she ran aground near Queenstown (now Cobh) Ireland. A  salvage team from Cox and Danks was provided to attempt recovery, but 6 men died after a hold loaded with grain and flooded with seawater filled with toxic fumes overcoming the men. Due to structural failures it was judged the ship could not be moved or salvaged, and was abandoned to the insurance company who declared the ship to be a total loss. Celtic was completely dismantled for scrap in 1933 and was broken apart where she lay.





Celtic on the rocks at Queenstown












1917 Third Class breakfast menu card from the Celtic. These menus were printed daily on board ship on pre-printed White Star Line Company stock with raised logos. (Webmaster's collection)









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