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White Star Liner SS Megantic

White Star Liner RMS Megantic 1908-1933

Megantic was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast in 1908 for the Dominion Line. Her name was to be Albany, but she was turned over to the White Star Line prior to launching to serve the the Canadian route and renamed Megantic after Canada's Lake Megantic. In 1910, when Scotland Yard's Inspector Dew arrested the infamous Dr. Crippen and his mistress Ethel Le Neve in Quebec, they were escorted back to England aboard Megantic .

Megantic served as a WWI troop transport from 1914 through 1919. In 1919 she resumed her regular Liverpool to Montreal passenger service, but made one more troop transport to China in 1927. She was later re-routed to the London - Halifax - New York service, but completed her days on the Liverpool Montreal service as she began,

Megantic was scrapped in Japan in 1933.






 1926 Christmas eve dinner (2nd class) aboard the Megantic (webmaster's collection)










One of Megantic's starboard emergency boats (webmaster's collection)

Emergency lifeboats remained "swung out" as pictured. (left) These would be lowered for quick launches, such as retrieving a "man overboard."







The "at sea" daily newspaper published aboard Megantic dated February, 25, 1923. (webmaster's collection)







A "Mrs. Beatty" tells her friend Helen about her trip to Cuba, Trinidad and Panama on board the Megantic in this 1924 letter. (webmaster's collection)










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