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White Star Line Mini-Facts





Image from the International Mercantile Marine Company stock certificates. (webmaster's private collection)



















Titanic survivors that died within a few years of the sinking (War, suicide, murder, disease, etc.)


Marie Spencer - 1st cls passenger  Died Oct 1913 age 55. Murdered in Paris 

Oscar Palmquist, 3rd cls passenger. Died Mar 1925 age 39. Was found drowned in a shallow pond after a struggle.


Annie Robinson, Stewardess. Died Oct 1914 age 42. Sailing to New York on the SS Devonian when it encountered heavy fog. For reasons unknown, she climbed over the railing and jumped into the sea.

Anna Wood, 2nd cls passenger. Died Oct 1918 age 64. Hung herself in a mental health facility. (In those days called an insane asylum)

Dr. Henry Frauenthal, 1st cls passenger. Died Mar 1927 age 63. Jumped off the 7th floor of his hospital

Frederick Fleet, lookout that spotted the iceberg. Jan 1965 age 77. Hung himself on a clothes line in his backyard after his wife died and his brother-in-law evicted him.


Anna Peter, 3rd cls passenger. Died Mar 1914 age 4, in a house fire.

Car Accident

Robert Spedden, 1st cls passenger. Died Aug 1915 aged 9. Motor vehicle accident (This was the first recorded death by vehicle in the state of Maryland)


Maria Nackid, 3rd cls passenger. Died Jul 1912 age 2, from viral meningitis

Eugenie Baclini, 3rd cls passenger. Died Aug 1912 age 4, from viral meningitis

Archibald Gracie, 1st cls passenger. Died Dec 1912 age 53, from a diabetic coma.

Maximilian Frölicher, 1st cls passenger. Died Nov 1913 age 62, from a sudden heart attack

Kornelia Andrews - 1st cls passenger. Died Dec 1913 aged 64, from pneumonia

Charles Stengel, 1st cls passenger. Died Apr 1914 age 56, from pneumonia

Paul Chevré, 1st cls passenger. Died Jun 1914 age 47, from renal (kidney) failure

Daisy Minahan, 1st cls passenger. Died Apr 1919 aged 40, from tuberculosis

Arthur Priest, crew member. Survived the RMS Titanic, HMHS Britannic, HMS Donegal, and SS Alcantara sinking's. Died in 1937 from pneumonia.


Edward Buley, crew. Died Dec 1917 aged 32. Went down with the HMS Partridge during battle, WWI.

Reginald Hardwick, crew. Died Mar 1918 age 26. Was killed on the battlefield, WWI.

Daniel Buckley, 3rd cls passenger. Died Oct 1918 aged 28. Was killed on the battlefield, WWI.

Archie Jewell, lookout. Died Apr 1917 age 28. After surviving both the Titanic and Britannic sinking's. Went down with the HMS Donegal during battle, WWI.


Martin Moran, crew. Died Nov 1913 age 29. Crushed to death by coal

Helen Bishop, 1st cls passenger. Died Mar 1916 age 23, from a fall


Who's got the biggest passenger ship in the world now?

The new passenger ships belonging to Royal Caribbean are called Genesis class. They are currently the largest ships in the world


Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, the largest passenger ship ever built.


The Royal Caribbean ships Harmony of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas are the three largest cruise ships in the world at 1,188 feet in length. These ships are approximately 220 feet longer than Titanic with a gross tonnage of 220,000 (164,000 gross tons more than Titanic and 4 times larger) These ships can carry 6,296 passengers, more than any vessel in existence. Each have a crew of 2,394 (compared to Titanic's 880). Building cost: S1.2 billion a piece. These ships have bow thrusters, side thrusters, and azimuth thrusters at the stern which allow the entire propeller unit itself to turn in any direction. This makes rudders on the ships and tugboats obsolete as they can parallel "park" themselves or moor against a dock on their own.




Azimuth thrusters on the Allure of the Seas, have made the ship's rudder obsolete





Size comparison of Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas and Titanic.


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