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White Star Line SS Zeeland


SS Zeeland (II) 1900-1930


The SS Zeeland was originally built for the Red Star Line (which became part of the International Mercantile or IMM, same as the White Star Line) by John Brown & Co. shipbuilders and was launched in 1900. She was a sister ship to the Vanderland. Built as a dual purpose passenger/refrigerated cargo ship, she was 561 feet long with a 60 ft. beam and 11,500 gross tonnage. She was powered by two quadruple expansion steam engines with two prop shafts and had a cruising speed of 15 knots. Zeeland could accommodate 342 1st class passengers, 194 in 2nd class, and 626 in 3rd. She has a crew of 121. She originally ran the Antwerp, Belgium to New York route.


Red Star changed Zeeland's name to SS Northland at the outbreak of WWI because they thought is was less German sounding. She was requisitioned by the British Government and served for a time as a troopship under the name HMT Northland, reverting to Zeeland after the war when she served the White Star Line. She was transferred several other times to shipping lines within IMM and later renamed SS Minnesota late in her career while serving the London to New York route.

After making her last voyage in September 1929, Minnesota was sold and scrapped at Thomas W Ward Ship Breakers in Inverkeithing, Scotland in 1930.


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