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White Star Liner SS Haverford

White Star Line Haverford 1899-1925

Haverford was built in 1899 by John Brown & Co. of Clydebank for the American Line. She was launched in 1901 and set out for her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York the same year. She was later assigned to several different routes including the American's Liverpool to Philadelphia service, the Red Star Line's Antwerp to New York route, and the Dominion Line's Liverpool-Halifax-Portland route.

Haverford served as a troop transport during WWI, and in 1917, was attacked and torpedoed by a German U-boat (possibly U-38) resulting in the loss of 7 lives. She managed to escape and limp back to port under her own steam but was out of service for six months undergoing repairs. In 1918, she was a attacked a second time by a U-boat and again managed to escape.

In 1920, Haverford was purchased by the White Star Line and for reasons unknown, her name remained Haverford.  It was extremely unusual for White Star (especially in the 1920ís under IMM) to keep the original name of a purchased vessel. Haverford was repainted with the traditional White Star Line colors and remained on the Liverpool-Boston-Philadelphia route for the next four years.

In early 1924, Haverford ran into a slew of  structural and electrical problems that required constant repair and dry dockings. She made her final crossing to Philadelphia, PA in September 1924 and was scrapped in 1925.





Original WSL postcard of Haverford displaying the White Star Line paint scheme - webmasters private collection






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