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Photos and brief history's


The White Star Line comprised over 120 ships in its fleet over the lifespan of the company. Not all of these ships were built by Belfast shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, and not all of them were owned by the White Star Line. In the beginning years, most of White Star's ships were leased.

As the company grew and became more financially sound, a contract agreement was made with Harland and Wolff Shipbuilders to build ships exclusively for White Star. In later years, many ships were purchased by WSL from the British Government having been acquired through war reparations. As well, a few were only leased and managed by WSL. Some of the ships had very interesting and dramatic careers, others had non-eventful careers.

To clear up confusion, the White Star Line had several ships with the same name as predecessors, i.e. 2-Celtics, 2- Cufic's, 2- Doric's, 4-Belgic's 3-Baltic's, 3-Britannic's, 2-Gaelic's, 2-Cedric's, 2-Majestic's, 2-Runic's, 2-Tropic's, 2-Traffic's, 3-Oceanic's, etc.


The WSL Fleet



Note - The following vessels were owned  by the White Star Line under 5 different WSL ownerships: 1) Pilkington and Wilson, 2) T.H. Ismay's Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, 3) JP Morgan's International Mercantile Marine Company, 4) Owen Phillip's Royal Mail Group, and 5) Cunard / White Star.


(Several ships were managed or chartered by White Star for short periods of time over the years and are not all shown here, i.e SS Victorian, SS Mobile, Red Star, SS Armenian, and others )


More ship photos and histories will be added as time and photo availability allows


  Adriatic (1st) 1856       Adriatic (2nd) 1906            Afric  1899             Albatross 1854              Albertic 1904              Annie Wilson 1863           Arabian 1857               Arabic 1881


   Artic - Celtic 1872            Asiatic 1881                Athenic 1902              Atlantic 1870             Baltic (1st) 1871             Baltic (2nd) 1904           Bardic 1919              Belgic 1873 


  Belgic (2nd) 1885         Blue Jacket 1889           Bovic 1892              Britannic (1st) 1874     Britannic (2nd) 1914     Britannic (3rd) 1930        Broughton 1867             Calgaric 1917

    Canopic 1898               Cedric 1903                  Celtic (1st)                Celtic (2nd) 1901           Ceramic 1912        Ceric / Belgic (4th) 1917         Cevic 1894                Coptic 1881


   Corinthic 1902               Cretic 1902               Cufic (1st) 1888           Cufic (2nd) 1895               Cymric 1898               Delphic 1897            Delphic (2nd) 1918      Donna Maria 1862


    Doric (1st) 1883           Doric (2nd) 1922             Emma 1856                     Gaelic 1875            Gaelic (2nd) 1918          Gallic  1894              Georgic (1st) 1895       Georgic (2nd) 1931

    Germanic 1874            Glendevon 1862         Golden Era 1856             Gothic 1893              Haverford 1899            Homeric 1914             Ionic (1st) 1884             Ionic (2nd) 1903


           Justicia                 Laurentic (1st) 1908    Laurentic (2nd) 1927        Magnetic 1891            Medic 1898                Megantic 1908          Majestic (1st) 1889          Majestic (2nd)


      Mermaid 1853               Mersey 1894          Morning Light 1862          Mystery 1853                Naronic 1892              Nomadic 1911        Oceanic (1st) 1871      Oceanic (2nd) 1899

Oceanic III (not built)       Olympic 1911                Pacific 1871                  Persic 1899               Pittsburgh 1913                  Pontic                   Red Jacket 1854         Regina 1917

  Republic (1st) 1871    Republic (2nd) 1903         Romanic 1903        Royal Standard 1863     Runic (1st) 1889           Runic (2nd) 1902            Shalimar 1857          Shepardess 1856

      Sirocco 1862          Star of the East 1862         Suevic 1900                Tauric 1891                 Tayleur 1853            Teutonic 1889                 Titanic 1910               Traffic (I) 1872


     Traffic (II) 1911                Tropic 1 -1871             Tropic 2 - 1896                Vedic 1918         Windsor Castle 1840          Zeeland 1900              Zealandic 1911


* WSL Vessel information sources:

Duncan Haws Merchant Fleet Series, various US and British newspaper accounts, Jane' Ships, and original White Star Line postcards


White Star Line Ships Lost or Seriously Damaged During Peacetime

    January 1854clipper ship RMS Tayleur hit a rock near the shoreline and sank on her maiden voyage. 370 lives lost.

    April 1873, RMS Atlantic hit a rock near the shoreline and sank.585 lives lost.

    June 1887, SS Britannic (I) and SS Celtic (I) collide. 7 Britannic passengers lost, 4 Celtic passengers lost.

    February 1893, SS Naronic disappeared at sea. Striking an iceberg is suspected. 74 lives lost.

    February 1898, SS Baltic (1) struck a sunken derelict in the North Atlantic and sank. All aboard saved.

    February 1907, SS Suevic ran aground with 493 passenger and crew. No fatalities and was the largest maritime rescue in history at the time.

    January 1909, RMS Republic (II) was lost after a collision with the liner SS Florida. 4 lives lost.

    September 1911RMS Olympic collided with the HMS Hawke. No lives or ship's lost, extensive damage to both vessels.

    April 1912RMS Titanic struck and iceberg and sank. 1,507 lives lost.

    September 1914, RMS Oceanic (II) ran aground into rocks and was abandoned. No lives lost, and she remained in place until removed in 1979.

    December 1928, RMS Celtic (II) ran aground into rocks. Salvage attempts resulted in 6 fatalities. She remained in place until broken apart in 1933.


   White Star Line Ships Lost During War Time, Go Here



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