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White Star Line: SS Cretic

White Star  Line Cretic 1902-1929

Built by Harland and Wolff, originally a Leyland Line ship (Part of IMM) launched in 1902 by the name of Hanoverian. Transferred to the WSL in 1906 and renamed Cretic. During WWI she was used as a troop transport. On April 5, 1917, Cretic transported the American 308th Infantry from New York to France. It was discovered at boarding time, with the Cretic being the last available transport, that 2000 troops were going to have to fit on a ship designed to accommodate 1500. The troops had to sleep in shifts (hot-rack) and had 3 sittings at each meal to feed all aboard. The Cretic returned to passenger service after the war and was eventually scrapped in 1929.

Cretic "dazzle painted" a frequently utilized paint scheme tactic used to confuse submarines with a ship's speed and direction.

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