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White Star Liner SS Arabic (2nd)


WSL Arabic (2nd)  1881-1915 attacked by U-24 - 44 killed

Arabic was originally launched on as the Berlin for Norddeutscher Lloyd in November 1908. She ran the New York to Mediterranean service, and made her maiden voyage May 1, 1909. She later served the New York service from Genoa and Bremerhaven.  

In 1914 she became an auxiliary cruiser with the German Navy as a minelayer. The Berlin laid a minefield between Northern Ireland and Scotland, and on October 26th the British battleship Audacious ran into one of these mines and sank. 

On November 17, 1914 Berlin had to enter Trondheim, Norway due to the shortage of coal and was interned. On December 13, 1919 she was handed over to the Shipping Controller and became a troop transport under P & O management. She was attacked by the German submarine U-44 killing 44,  but managed to escape.

In 1920 ,she was sold to the White Star Line, refitted, and re-named Arabic in 1921. As the new Arabic, she made her first White Star Line voyage on September 7th from Southampton to New York.  Later, she sailed on the Mediterranean to New York service until 1924 when she was moved to the Hamburg to New York service. 

Arabicís passenger accommodations were changed in 1924 to 500-Cabin Class and 1,200-3rd Class. In 1926 Arabic was transferred (under charter) to the Red Star Line, This charter lasted until 1930 when she reverted back to White Star Line and her passenger accommodation was again changed to 177-Cabin Class, 319-Tourist Class and 823-3rd Class. 

 In December 1931 Arabic was sold for breaking-up in Genoa.


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