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White Star Line SS Suevic

WSL Suevic - 1900 -1940

Built by Harland and Wolff in 1900. In 1907 due to a navigational error, Suevic ran up on Stag Rock, near "the Lizard" (Cornwall) at full speed causing extensive damage to her bow, as did the WSL ship Bardic. (see picture above) In an incredible engineering feet, her damaged bow was dynamited away from the midships area and stern, and the remainder of the vessel was towed back to Southampton. A new bow was constructed and fitted to Suevic, and in 1908, she was back in business.

She was sold in 1928, to Ignore Hvistendahl Finnvhal, Tonsburg, for conversion to a whale oil factory ship and renamed Skyttern. (See below) During WWII, she was held in port by the Germans in Sweden. Her crew attempted to escape to Britain with the ship on April 1st, 1942, but the German Navy intercepted her. She was scuttled by the crew before she could be boarded.




Suevic as Skyttern, the whaler.







 A new bow was constructed and fitted to the rest of the ship and Suevic returned to service. In 1928 she was sold to a Norwegian whaling company and renamed Skyttern. In 1940, during WWII, she was interned in a Swedish port. Attempting to escape German capture she broke away from port and the crew scuttled her.




Suevic's bow damage shown here at the Southampton docks





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