Titanic's First Class Accommodations

(LEFT) First Class Reading and Writing Room - Located on "A" Deck, port side of ship. (also referred to as "Upper Promenade Deck" - adjoins lounge)


(RIGHT)  First Class Smoking Room - located aft on "A" Deck, or Upper Promenade Deck - adjoins Verandah and Palm Court.







(LEFT) First Class Lounge - located on "A" deck (Upper Promenade) - adjoins Reading and Writing Room


(RIGHT) First Class Reception Room - Located on "D" Deck. Also referred to as the "Saloon Deck" located at the bottom level of Grand Staircase (adjoins dining room)


(LEFT) First Class Dining Saloon - Located on "D" Deck. Also referred to as the "Jacobean Room."

(RIGHT) First Class Cabin B-52 - Located on forward, port side "B" deck.


Second and Third Class Accommodations - COMING SOON!

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