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Titanic and Other White Star Ships ®

Posted on the Internet November 1994

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Recognition and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to the following persons/organizations:

* Mr. Cliff Ismay ("Great grand" nephew of J. Bruce Ismay,) for information contributions.

* Ms. Anne Lauren Lightoller, Great grand-daughter of Titanic's Second Officer, Charles Lightoller, for her support and correspondence

* Mr. John Rudolph for providing photos and information about his Grandmother, Mrs. Anna (Turja) Lundi, Titanic passenger.

* Mr. Dick von Briesen, who's wife is the Great grand-daughter of Ms. Emily Ryerson, Titanic passenger, for his correspondence.

* Dr. Robert Ballard, Titanic Discoverer, for taking time from his busy schedule for correspondence.

* The late Mr. Walter Lord, Titanic historian and author, for taking time to correspond with me and answer my many questions.

* Mr. Mel Fisher, Discoverer of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha shipwreck (1622) for taking time for correspondence.

* Captain Richard Bowen, skipper of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's research vessel, Knorr. for taking time for correspondence.

* Mr. Johan Totterstrom for his contribution of the Halifax story and its photo's.

* Mr. Greg Griffin for his photo contributions of recovered artifacts and information.

* Mr. Julian Hill for his photo contribution of the White Star passenger tender, Nomadic.

* Mr. George Behe, Titanic author and historian for his correspondence and answers to questions

* RMS Titanic Inc. for permission to display their artifact images.

* Electricite de France for permission to display their artifact images

* Mr. Greg Cochkoff for his photo contributions and information on the wreck of the SS Atlantic. 

* Ms. Ann Haney for her photo contributions, and constant support.

* The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry for a "private tour" of the captured German submarine U-505.

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